My artistic practice is deeply rooted in social engagement, archival work, and the collection of stories that explore the intricate layers of social histories and personal experiences within different communities. I specialize in banner making, oral histories, and printmaking, using these mediums as tools to amplify voices and shed light on narratives that may otherwise go unheard.

As a co founder of my collective, I've found immense inspiration and motivation in working collaboratively with others. It has fundamentally shaped the way I approach my art, emphasizing the importance of community, shared vision, and collective action. Being part of this collective has not only enriched my practice but has also deepened my understanding of the power of art in fostering social change

Im a co founder of my collective 'Hold It Up', consisting of a me and my two other members Kristina Nenova and Florian Hynam 

I have a cat called Arty that's known for being in the art studio, attending lectures, art openings and most importantly being my manager 
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